Why naturopathy?

Herbal Medicine | Nutrition | Diet & Lifestyle

The most powerful component of what we offer as Naturopaths is our view of holism* & our deep understanding of how each system within the body communicates with one another to influence your state of health. It’s within these relationships we are able to unlock many of the mysteries of ill health & begin to unravel many common conditions. This is what makes natural medicine so exciting. 

Natural healing isn't about a quick fix. There is no one magic pill to fix all, becoming healthy or healing from illness is a process, a 'journey' if you will. It takes time. I believe this can be a huge advantage as it not only allow one to become truly well, but an opportunity to learn & develop a deeper relationship with your own body, allowing you to listen, understand & interpret what it is trying to tell you. Learning to do this will not only empower you to make more confident decisions with regards to your health (i.e. food you eat/don't eat, learning when you need downtime etc.) but can also play an essential role in preventing disease onset. 


When to seek treatment?

Are you tired frequently but keep pushing through it? Are your menstrual cycles irregular but aren't currently trying to conceive so not really worried about it, not having a period is great right? Are you always bloated but have become so accustomed to it that its's now normal for you? Are you feeling overwhelmed more frequently, even when the task seems small? These are all signals that our body is giving us that something is out of balance.

Here are some examples of reason to book a consultation with a Naturopath:

Do you experience any of the following:

  • Digestive complaints including as bloating, constipation, IBS, history of antibiotic use, food intolerances/sensitivities

  • Menstrual issues including irregular menstrual cycles &/or lack of menstruation, heavy bleeding, painful periods, PMS

  • Chronic stress (emotional, mental, physical or chemical)

  • Anxiety, Low Mood, Depression &/or Insomnia

  • Recurrent colds & flus or do you struggle to recover quickly from an infection?

Seeking treatment can also be as simple as needing guidance around dietary intake in order to achieve optimum health or for maintaining vitality & preventing disease onset later in life. We needn't wait to receive a specific diagnosis to seek treatment, prevention is the best cure after-all. 


What to expect.

During an initial naturopathic consultation we will delve into many aspects of your health including the functionality of your digestion, nervous system, menstrual health, stress load, immunity, mental & emotional health, lifestyle & dietary intake. It's so important that we gather all of this information so that we are able to put the whole picture together, make connections & uncover the underlying cause of the illness. This is where true healing can occur. 

Naturopathic treatment generally involves a combination of the following:

  • Herbal Medicines (using clinical evidence & traditional knowledge)

  • Holistic Nutrition (supplemental & dietary inclusions/exclusions)

  • Lifestyle modifications



*Holism is the understanding that parts of a whole are constantly in intimate interconnection, such that they can not exist independently or function in isolation. In holistic practice we treat the whole person, taking into consideration physical, emotional, biological, chemical & social factors.