Herbal Tea Recipe for Uterine Health & Menstruation

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As a Women’s Health Naturopath, I’m always looking for simple daily strategies women can implement that allow them to experience better periods. Periods that feature less negative symptoms such as pain, cramping, bloating, irritability & just that general feeling of yuckiness (….is that a word? well it is now). Wouldn’t that just be lovely!

Here is a simple, soothing & delicious herbal tea recipe I like to recommend throughout the month that helps to support uterine health & encourage healthy menstruation. Use equal portions of each herb & steep for 5-10 minutes.

Raspberry Leaf

Uterine Tonic

Raspberry leaf is a really interesting & brilliant herb for women health as not only does it act as a uterine tonic but it also helps to relax uterine muscles. It’s the combination of these 2 actions that make so special. Raspberry leaves are also contain moderate levels of manganese, iron, calcium, selenium, Vitamin A & Vitamin C.

Ginger Root

Carminative, Anti-Inflammatory, Circulatory Stimulant, Analgesic

Ginger is one of my favourite menstruation herbs. It helps to mitigate a number of the common negative symptoms experienced by women including bloating, nausea, pain & cramping. Traditionally, Ginger was used for its warming & circulatory stimulant properties. These actions are thought to improve blood flow to the uterus to relieve cramping & clotting as a result of uterine congestion. Ginger also possesses strong antioxidant effects which help to reduce free radical formation & eventual tissue damage.

Chamomile Flowers

Anti-Inflammatory, Spasmolytic, Carminative, Mild Sedative

Chamomile is an incredibly calming & soothing herb which helps to relieve a number of menstrual symptoms including bloating, anxiety, insomnia, cramping & changes in bowel function. The most common use for Chamomile is of course its ability to calm the nervous system, which around menstruation can be really beneficial for those who experience feelings of anxiety, irritability or insomnia. Chamomile also helps to relieve spasming in the digestive tract to relieve symptoms of bloating, flatulence & cramping, symptoms which can really rear there ugly head premenstrually.

Definitions | Actions of Herbs

  • Anti-Inflammatory | A substance that reduces inflammation.

  • Carminative | A substance that relieves flatulence & soothes intestinal spasm & pain but relaxing intestinal muscles & sphincters.

  • Circulatory Stimulant | A substances that improves blood flow. Warming, support vitality in body tissues.

  • Sedative (Mild) | A substances that reduce activity, particularly in the nervous system & decreases nervous tension. It may alleviate pain, anxiety or spasm & induce sleep.

  • Spasmolytic | A substances that reduces of relieves smooth muscle spasm.

  • Uterine Tonic | A substance that increases the tone of the uterine muscles